The escape box is an innovative solution for human resources, technical training and human training (soft […]
Press release For immediate release November 25, 2021 Echappe-toi, the Quebec leader in escape games created […]
Lauriane Scherman is a project manager at Kryptex. She ensures that a project is carried out in accordance with the client's expectations, while respecting the budget and the deadline. She explains what motivates her in this profession and looks back at the specificities of the escape game market in France and in Europe.
Bruno Pouget is creative director at Kryptex. Since he started in the escape game business in 2016, Bruno has created nearly 250 games, from classic escape games to treasure hunts to serious games and action games. He explains what drives him in this sector and looks back on the achievements that have marked him.
As a developer at Kryptex, Manon Lagasse's mission is to code the special effects, sounds and other puzzles that make up the games. She goes back to the electronic requirement of some projects and the importance of computer development in the design of escape games.
As production manager at Kryptex, Francis Tschantz is responsible for finding the right subcontractors and organizing the production in-house. But with a background in cabinet making, this escape game player also puts his skills to work in manufacturing. He comes back on his favorite projects.
Léa Michalon is project manager and office manager at Kryptex. She enjoys wearing these two complementary hats, which give her a central role in the company. She talks about her position, the evolution of her job and the projects that make her proud.
Fiona Buchou is a game designer at Kryptex. His mission: to create the scenario of the game and all the puzzles that will accompany it. This trained architect talks about her passion for fantasy and science fiction and explains how she discovered the profession of game designer.
Benjamin Bertelone is Director of Technology. At Kryptex, he conceives all the electronic mechanisms that will allow the game scenario imagined by the designers to take shape. He delivers his favorite projects both on the technical level and player immersion.
Elsa Crozier is a design engineer at Kryptex. His role is to model what the designers have imagined before transmitting to the workshop. She details her background and discusses her preference for game boxes, which are always a challenge in terms of modeling.