“The world of the escape game is very atypical”

Léa Michalon is project manager and office manager at Kryptex. She likes to wear these two complementary hats, which give her a central role in the company. She talks about her job, the evolution of her position and the projects that make her proud.

What is your function at Kryptex?

At Kryptex, I have two roles: I am the office manager, which consists of managing the entire internal organization of the company, and the project manager, whose mission is to ensure the proper management of all the company’s projects. I have always been looking for this kind of position, with two hats that are, in my opinion, totally complementary.

What is your background?

I was connected to the escape game via Bruno Pouget that I already knew. In my spare time, I am the manager of a music band and president of an association that organizes musical events. It was the music that connected us. Later, he offered me the position of Project Management Officer.

What did you like about this escape game project?

First of all, the world is very atypical. I like working with a very dynamic team and having a fairly central position within the company, even more so now. Indeed, when I was Project Management Officer, I didn’t necessarily manage the projects from A to Z. Within each division, one person was in charge of customer contact. I was in charge of certain HR activities, project planning and the whole logistics part. Today, my role within Kryptex is much broader.

What are some of the accomplishments you’ve been involved in that you’re most proud of?

Many projects make me proud. I work with a talented team. I am obviously thinking of the project inspired by L’Orient Express but also the Chemical Hallucinations of Doctor Grant These two rooms were designed for The One Escape in Paris. Even if I didn’t have the chance to see their final realization, on the spot, I am happy to have taken part in their realization. These were big challenges and big projects to carry and design. The project inspired by the universe of the Incas and designed by Fiona has also marked me a lot. At the time, I was only involved in part of the process. I was looking at the realization and the design a little bit from afar. With the health crisis, we had to deal with financial imponderables. But the great strength of this team is its ability to stand together and stick together. There is a real connection. We are all complementary. Humanly speaking, we are all on the same page.



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