Escape rooms

Do you want to open an escape room? During the past 6 years, we successfully completed more than 300 projects in Europe and Canada

We will create an original concept and decline into a full universe with all our energy and creativity The puzzles and the decors must be consistent with the story and the universe in which the clients play
Each room we create has to leave a long lasting and unique impression on the players. Our puzzles and other game elements use state of the art technology to stick to your clients expectations

Mechanisms, accessories and decors

Enrich your decor and add accessories to your rooms

We can taylor make anything you want! Simply explain your idea, whether it be an accessory for your room or a new puzzle with
the features you want. Do you want a tiger shaped door that opens when you put a tooth in it? A hamburger shaped quizz system? A giant candy box? We already made all that and we can create even crasier things for you

Mobile immerive games

Our tailor made escape-boxes 

We also design and make escape boxes. Those portable devices are fully playable escape games! They can include electronic systems as well as manipulation puzzles. The shape is what you want it to be. It can easily be moved since
we also build the cases for their transportation. Your clients can play in a closed environment as well as in exterior space. It might be the ideal solution for your promotional events or to diversify your current activity.

 Treasure hunt and explore games.

In a church, a castle, a museum…

We can design an experience to turn your place into a unique experience through a traditional treasure hunt or a cell-phone driven explore game. Ideal for an event or to create a new service for your visitors.